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WELCOME to Mrs. Ollerenshaw's Teacher Page

Being an elementary school teacher has been a dream of mine since kindergarten. After 15 years of teaching, I’m still excited to wake up each day and try out new ideas.

I was born and raised in Southern California. In 2014 a new opportunity brought my husband and I up to the Bay Area. I was fortunate enough,  to teach at Del Rey Elementary for two years; then I had the opportunity to transfer to Corvallis.
Even though my two children Zoe and Evan; keep my husband & I, quite busy. I try to juggle my teaching life with my family life. I enjoy staying and being active. I enjoy spending quiet moments at a coffee shop, in nature and going to yoga classes. Spin classes, hiking,  swimming and running (especially Ragnar Relays) are other ways I enjoy staying active.

Inspired by
Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.”  - Helen Keller

Zot ZOT! I was fortunate to be an anteater for 5 years. While attending the University of California, Irvine; my passion for History and desire to teach were planted. I was fortunate enough to receive my undergraduate degree in History & my teaching credential in Multiple Subject Areas.

District Tools I Use 

I take attendance using Aeries. You can stay on top of attendance through the Aeries Family Portal or Aeries App

Report Cards
I use Aeries to generate report cards.

Google Classroom:
I use Google Classroom to manage assignments.  If you would like daily or weekly digests of activities and missing assignments, I can invite you as a guardian.  Please email me with your request and email address.

Other Tools I Use:

KhanAcademy – this is an amazing way to have additional support in all subjects